About Rick

Hi I am revamping my website. I would like it to be more interactive. This will not only be the place for you to come and review my past work but also to plan and get ideas for your project.

Rick’s Career in the Masonry Business

I started out being exposed to the masonry business as a child when my father would bring me to jobs with him. Back then a day seemed as if it lasted forever. I remember loving to play in the big piles of sand and making little cement balls from some of the cement they mixed for their work.

As time went by and I grew older I tried working at a few other jobs but I was drawn back to masonry. I always loved the aspect of going to different sites and meeting different people. I worked as a laborer for many years for my father, his business partner and his partner’s son.

Eventually I started to get more involved in the masonry work itself. My father would have me help lay blocks on the wall of foundations or bricks on home fronts to get the feel of doing this type of work.

Over the years I became quite proficient in all aspects of the masonry business. Today I own and operate my own masonry business and still love getting out to new areas and meeting new people.

How can my new site help?

I would very much like to help my prospective customers get involved with the planning and construction of each of your projects from the very beginning. I want you to be able to come here and get info, leave suggestions and look for help in getting your project off the ground on the right foot .

So please come here often. I very much look forward to your suggestions and questions. Please leave your comment below.

My Goal

My goal is to help you get the most satisfying experience possible in the completion of your masonry projects from start to finish. I want you to come here for all projects, big or small.

Thanks, Rick


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