Products & Suppliers

The following are links to businesses that I have dealt with or used over the years. They are very professioinal and reputable.

Kassel Residential Services

Located in Highland Mills, NY and operated by John and Dina Kassel. They offer a large assortment of bulk items like stone and mulch. You will also find many bagged items, tools and other landscape supplies.

Orange County Mason Supply

Located in Middletown , NY this is a family operated business where you will probably be greeted by one of five brothers, Angelo, Vinny, Mike, Sal or Joe. They have a large assortment of bulk items including mason sand and stone. You will find most anything you need to complete a masonry project here.

E.P. JansensĀ 

Here we have another family operated business located in Florida , NY. They are probably the largest supplier of hardscape items in this area. They also have a large nursery. You will most definitely be able to find a hardscape item for your projects here.

Project Supply Inc.

Located in Monroe, NY, this was the first mason supply business I was introduced to when I first began working with my father. The business has been operated by different owners over the years but Larry has been the helpful figure behind the counter for most of the years it has been in operation. They can provide you with a large variety of landscape and mason products.