Fixing Sunken Pavers


If you have a paver sidewalk or patio at your home chances are there are some pavers which have become a bit lower than the rest in some areas. This is just an inevitable occurance and fortunately fixing sunken pavers is not very hard. Just as concrete settles and cracks, pavers also fall victim to … Read more

Bluestone Flagging


Bluestone flagging makes very beautiful sidewalks. Over the last few years I have built quite a few sidewalks using this material. It can be dry-laid on an item 4 base with stone dust similiar to the way concrete pavers are installed. It also can be installed over the top of existing concrete sidewalks or on … Read more

Natural Stone Veneer


Natural stone veneer is a project that you do not come across very often these days. It’s counterpart, Manufactured Stone or ” Cultured Stone” has made headway into replacing this type of job. For me, nothing quite stacks up to this natural, beautiful product. It has been a long time masonry favorite. Some of my … Read more